Danish photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Member of the Danish agency BAM and work sold online via Ritzau.

What I Do

Working on long term projects, believing photography has the ability to unveil negative existing conditions to people who wishes change and hereby be a promoter for progress and change in society


Who I Am

Peter Mark is a documentary photographer graduated from Gwent College Wales. He joined the photo cooperative 2. maj, both as photographer and picture editor. 2. maj later merged with other agencies and formed BAM, which today, is the largest cooperative in Denmark. All sales are done through Ritzau


My Work

Most project evolve around how we shape society and our environment, and how we interact with it, in our daily life.

Say Hello.

Peter Mark, Fælledvej 16A, DK-2200 Copenhagen N. Mail: peter(at)mark.dk. Phone +45 3010 8113

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