Show. Change. Innovate!

Photography has the ability to show existing conditions to people who wishes change and hereby be a promoter for innovation in society. I photograph for companies, organisations and public bodies who wishes to engage in a proces of change with a visual approach.


  • Science, School and Society

    Science, School and Society

    Redesigning natural science education in public schools This project set out to coordinate and promote an engaging collaboration within the natural sciences area between: – Public schools in the Danis Municipality Ballerup, near Copenhagen, Denmark - Local businesses (IT, medical, energy, biotechnology, agriculture and food) - Local educational institutions 12 8th grade classes was offered a new concept for a ”Science-cooperation”, developed in an alliance between schools, local businesses and relevant educational institutions. ”Science-cooperation” acts as a redesigned science education away from the classroom. The project heavy depended on an anthropological approach and digital [...]